June 20, 2021

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Does Sodium Make You Get Bodyweight?

Sodium is a nutrient that’s important to life. It is essential for several bodily processes, which includes fluid and blood stress regulation, nutrient transportation, and nerve cell perform (1).

Though sodium is essential, most men and women take in also a lot sodium in the variety of sodium chloride or table salt.

Feeding on superior quantities of included salt could increase your danger of health and fitness troubles, this kind of as obtaining a stroke or acquiring a coronary heart problem or autoimmune ailment (2).

Moreover, you may perhaps wonder whether or not sodium can make you obtain body weight.

This report describes the associations amongst sodium ingestion and pounds acquire.

Quite a few individuals affiliate extreme salt in the diet regime with fluid retention.

This is since having a large amount of salt leads to your human body to conserve drinking water (3).

A modern research identified that superior salt intakes raise thirst. Your physique takes advantage of the excess fluid consumed to dilute the surplus sodium that it’s not able to excrete immediately sufficient (4).

Nonetheless, your urine quantity does not improve, that means this excess fluid stays in your human body.

As a result, a unexpected maximize in sodium ingestion might bring about you to attain some fat in the sort of fluid (4).

This is why some folks report experience puffy soon after taking in extremely superior salt meals like take-out meals and salty restaurant meals.

It’s critical to take note that this fluid retention is usually only momentary. System fluid degrees commonly return to standard just after a number of days (4).

Nonetheless, although some scientific tests clearly show that amplified salt intakes push fluid intake, other folks have not shown this association.

For example, a compact examine uncovered that despite the fact that a significant salt diet led to bodyweight achieve and system water conservation in 10 nutritious gentlemen, greater salt intake was not linked with enhanced fluid ingestion.

In truth, the analyze observed that a 12-gram day by day salt ingestion led to lessened fluid intake (3).

The connection concerning dietary salt ingestion and fluid equilibrium is sophisticated. Much more investigate in this place is needed to comprehend improved how significant salt ingestion could have an affect on your body’s fluid degrees (6).


The romance between salt ingestion and human body fluid concentrations is sophisticated, but research indicates that a higher salt consumption could guide to h2o retention and quick-expression bodyweight gain.

Foodstuff that are significant in salt are also typically significant in energy.

For example, speedy foodstuff, fried meals, boxed mac and cheese, frozen dinners, creamy pasta dishes, and pizza are generally very substantial in salt and calories.

Ingesting way too lots of food items that are superior in salt and overall calories may perhaps lead to weight get.

On top of that, reports have observed that large sodium consumption may increase the danger of weight problems — impartial of your calorie intake.

A single examine among 1,243 children and older people uncovered that those with bigger urinary sodium ended up extra very likely to have obesity or chubby. Superior salt intake was noticeably related with larger levels of physique unwanted fat in equally children and older people.

The study also discovered that a 1-gram per day increase in sodium consumption was associated with a 28% and 26% amplified hazard of being overweight in young children and adults, respectively (7).

An additional study amid 9,162 men and women observed that a sodium ingestion larger than 2,300 mg per day was noticeably related with a increased threat of being overweight and belly extra fat, in contrast with a moderate sodium intake of 1,500–2,300 mg for every day (8).

Equally of these reports observed that sodium consumption was affiliated with bodyweight attain and weight problems, even after adjusting for whole calorie consumption and other confounders like action amounts.

Although the possible system is not entirely obvious, a superior salt diet regime may perhaps immediately direct to fat accumulation in the system (7).


Reports have joined significant salt intakes to an amplified danger of weight problems. Food items significant in salt also are likely to be higher in energy. Nonetheless, salt ingestion has also been joined to obesity independently of calorie ingestion.

For most people, the sodium discovered the natural way in foodstuff like eggs and shellfish is not an concern. However, it’s crucial to keep track of your added salt ingestion to make certain that your diet is not excessively higher in salt.

Ordinarily, most included salt consumption will come from the consumption of extremely processed food items.

In this article are some superior salt meals to slice back again on to lower your intake of added salt:

  • Remarkably processed and salty choose-out foodstuff: pizza, road tacos, hamburgers, nuggets, french fries, and so on.
  • Salty packaged treats: chips, pork rinds, pretzels, and so forth.
  • Processed meats: jerky, bacon, salted and healed meat, salami, sausages, etcetera.
  • Salty condiments: salad dressings, soy sauce, hot sauce, etc.
  • Large salt boxed or canned foods: prepared-manufactured pasta and rice dishes, canned soups, canned ham, boxed potato casseroles, and many others.

Additionally, incorporating way too substantially salt to residence-cooked meals can significantly improve your all round salt consumption.

Try out cutting down the total of salt you incorporate to foodstuff, and be positive to flavor food items prior to adding further salt.

You can also use lemon juice, contemporary herbs, garlic, and spices to lessen the need to have for salt in your recipes.


To lower back on sodium, test having fewer higher salt food items and cutting back on the volume of salt you include to your meals.

Eating also substantially sodium in the form of additional salt has been related with pounds get.

Some research recommend that consuming a huge quantity of salt could direct to limited-phrase bodyweight gain because of to fluid retention, while others have uncovered that superior salt ingestion may perhaps improve your risk of pounds acquire and obesity.

Furthermore, eating high quantities of salt might damage your over-all well being and maximize your risk of establishing a clinical problem like coronary heart condition.

To maintain a nutritious sodium consumption, try slicing back again on foodstuff regarded to be high in salt and minimizing your use of table salt when cooking at house.