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Research back links junk-foodstuff diet plan to weary truckers, harmful driving behaviors | 2021-07-19

Beijing — A standard food plan of junk foods may possibly play a role in unsafe driving actions among industrial motor car motorists by contributing to tiredness – a important variable in roadway collisions, benefits of a modern analyze out of China indicate.

Scientists utilized a sample of 389 male truck drivers from a transport organization in Suzhou, China. The participants done a food stuff frequency questionnaire, yet another on fatigue, and questionnaires on driving behaviors and attitudes.

The researchers identified four styles of diet plans: vegetable-rich, staple meals (carbs, unrefined grains, dairy merchandise and eggs), animal-derived (fish and poultry) and snacks (desserts, fried meals and sugary drinks).

The vegetable-rich diet plan was linked with favourable driving behaviors, while the animal-derived diet plan had a positive impression on driving mistakes and “ordinary” driving violations. The snack-large food plan, meanwhile, experienced a “direct destructive impact” on driving behavior, with fatigue contributing to all those detrimental consequences.


“Overall, the driving behaviors of truck drivers are correlated with their nutritional patterns,” the researchers conclude. “Drivers who most popular vegetables and staple foods had extra beneficial driving habits, whilst the animal-derived food stuff and snack designs had been linked to perilous driving habits. The experience of tiredness could reveal the underlying mechanism concerning these factors.”

The analyze was published on the internet June 16 in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medication.